Lets get you moving on ROVRs in VR worlds      

Seated experiences are less immersive and boring for others to watch 

The ROVR VR treadmill makes VR awesome, solves a key reason for simulation sickness

and is an excellent prop for people to watch and enjoy


ROVR-PRO VR treadmill for immersive VR at

Public / Commercial Shows and Client Demonstrations

Please inquire at info@wizdish.com for applications and pricing

ROVR-PRO with steel VR containment frame


Frame adapted for client's application / VR experience

Steel VR containment frames are made to order please see gallery videos for client examples
  • ROVR shoes fits all up to UK 12  
  • ROVR shoes UK 7 fits all up to UK 7


   Shoe size: UK12 = EU46 = US13 = 294mm                                                  UK7  = EU41 = US7.5 = 248mm    





  • For public events with high footfall please ask about our ROVR kick-on overshoes suitable for use by people wearing trainers and 1-2cm heeled shoes.
  • Two sizes large and medium fit UK 4 up to UK 12 shoe sizes and can be used by people wearing trainers and heels up to 2cm high


ROVR Shoes.jpg

Please send your request for information to info@wizdish.com 

We take pride in our record of close partnerships and delighted clients.


General Specifications: ROVR-PRO

Steel VR containment frame: 5 x steel legs on solid base with concentric ROVR platform and hinged gate opening

Infill panels are not standard - pricing available on request: Panels are clear or bronze 3mm polycarbonate which may be covered with decal images as shown above. Panels are supplied flat and are bowed into shape. 

ROVR VR treadmill comes with a 3.5mm jack plug for connection to a PC soundcard microphone input, or a Bluetooth transmitter for wireless head mounted display operation such as the Samsung Gear VR headset. 


Controlling Software using a ROVR

There are three ways to control forward motion in software using a ROVR input: 

  1. The first and most basic is to run our wiz_mic.exe shim that listens to the PC microphone input and sends 'W' key presses to the foreground game. This allows use of legacy VR games and many other non-VR games that may be VR enabled using vorpX
  2. The second method mainly used by our commercial clients is to embed a few lines of Unity C# into their software script. This provides proportional forward movement tracking. Wizdish can provide an example of the few lines of code required.
  3. Using our prototype Bluetooth wireless solution it is possible to control Android phones and specifically the Samsung  Gear VR, though later all Daydream spec phones. The ROVR input provides a joystick forward command and so is compatible with most game-pad driven software. 

for more information please contact info@wizdish.com