We have designed, built a prototype, scaled and ready to launch


Now available to order


After successful creation and adoption of the Wizdish ROVR version 1, it's time to build version 2 

             New ROVR - stainless steel frame and high sided platform - clever engineering and neuroscience


Our prototype ROVR version 2 has arrived.

We've kept the same core features:

  • Hop on - hop off
  • Collapsible for easy shipping and storage
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy and intuitive to use for people of 7 yrs to 90 yrs of age

And visually appealing - something fitting for an office, boardroom, VR arcade, gym, training area, living room or bedroom.


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Big Brands & organisations use ROVRs  - 

  • Because we explore the real world by walking and free movement, and without similar physicality in VR, people relate to the experience as an observer and not a player.
  • Because matching what we see with what we feel in VR stops people feeling uncomfortable.
  • Because complete freedom of movement in games using ROVRs frees up content developers, making content easier to write and more fun for everyone to enjoy.
  • Because the ROVR is simple, safe and intuitive to use from 7yrs to 90yrs and for all abilities.

ROVR VR treadmills are being used in:

  • Training ops - para military & security
  • Healthcare, Exercise, Rehabilitation
  • Orientation training 
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Nuclear Safety Training
  • Gaming for fun, Serious gaming 
  • Architectural Visulisation
  • Education, Open-world exploration 
  • Overcoming phobias, Pain relief 
  • Many more too numerous to mention


The ROVR set up for Dominator Yachts