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ROVR 2 .png



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The ROVR2 consists of

  • ROVR high sided locomotion platform
  • ROVR VR Stainless Steel Containment Frame 
  • ROVR Shoes (one size fits all up to UK Size 12, EU46, US13, 294mm)
  • 3.5mm jack lead which connects the ROVR platform to a PC or laptop
  • Free wiz_mic.exe file download here or from our download page for using ROVR with WASD games e.g. using vorpX and Steam games
  • Free ROVR Unity project with explanation video  available for integration of ROVR into game content - download here or see downloads page
  • Assembly guide available on ROVR2 page
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ROVR 1 games content fully compatible with ROVR 2 and vice-versa