Virtual Reality
Architectural walk-throughs

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The Wizdish ROVR is being used by world renown consulting architects / civil engineers for VR walk-throughs in building and urban design. The ROVR VR treadmill is used for visualization, perspective, gauging, way-finding, etc.

Wizdish ROVR used for architectural walk-throughs

Wizdish ROVR used for architectural walk-throughs

Visualization of concepts as if they were real

Wizdish ROVR Virtual Reality treadmill for immersive visualization is quickly being assimilated as a tool to demonstrate new concepts & designs to internal and external customers with the following advantages over 2D and seated VR experiences:

  • A ROVR gives a deeply immersive experience known as "real presence"
  • we gauge size and distance by walking and the ROVR provides the simplest means of moving in VR worlds
  • Kinaesthetic long term memories are laid down using a ROVR - not possible using 2D or seated VR 
  • ROVR VR walk-throughs avoids  sim-sickness which often happens for seated VR experiences 



Marine Architectural Design

How can a buyer walk through a yacht that’s not even built yet? Through a virtual reality system with a creative edge.

Dominator Yachts has developed its Ilumen Virtual Reality system for its new 26m Ilumen Series yacht, being built in Italy. I donned the virtual headset and, with a shuffle of my feet and panning of my head, I was easily traversing the virtual yacht from stem to stern, top to bottom.

Walking around the bow, through doors, and up and down stairs while taking in each room and outside scenery was effortless. It allows anyone to get a sense of the visibility from the lower helm, the layout of space, and an overall feel that may not be conveyed through drawings.

Users can make changes to the yacht as they peer through the goggles, including the types of fabrics, woods, finishes, colors and more. And what the user sees is also displayed on a separate TV for others to view, also.

“It gives a real feel for the yacht,” Dominator CEO Alex Langhein said. “And it has helped to sell the new yacht.”

February 18, 2015 by Rich Lazzara

.........memories as if I had walked the Garden Bridge

.........memories as if I had walked the Garden Bridge