Setup & Downloads

This page allows you to download documentation and files useful for operating the Wizdish ROVR VR locomotion platform


These assembly and set up instructions for the Wizdish ROVR1 have been put together with as many pictures and as few words as possible.  Ikea does the same thing pretty successfully.  We hope our instructions are at least as clear.  If not, please get in touch.


If you're not coding the ROVR input directly into the program (e.g. via Unity or Unreal) then this Wiz_Mic.exe shim file converts motion on the Wizdish ROVR to 'w'/forward key input to the PC.  Run this in the background before starting the main game and you'll be able to use the ROVR straight away with any game that takes a WASD direction input. 

Health & Safety

The ROVR is designed to be super-slippery.  This means you need to take care using it as the containment frame can only do so much to protect you when you are fully immersed in a game.  These Wizdish ROVR Health and Safety Warnings are important to read just to check you know what you are doing before you start using it.


This is the ROVR Lube Material Safety Data Sheet.  The ROVR Lube comes in a small spray bottle to help lubricate the surface of the dish.  This sheet is one for those of you who love reading instruction manuals... as well as playing in VR obviously.

Adding Microphone Input

Watch this one minute video and download the 46Kb Unity package to simplify adding the ROVR's microphone input into your Unity project so you can create a simple ROVR controlled VR FPS game.

Rigidbody First Person Controller

Download RigidbodyFirstPersonController.cs which goes in folder:

\Assets\Standard Assets\Characters\FirstPersonCharacter\Scripts

Oculus Unity Plugin

OVRPlayerController.cs script for use with the Oculus Unity plugin.

This files contains the microphone input code and replaces the existing \Assets\OVR\Scripts\Util\OVRPlayerController.cs file

Sample Project Build

The whole sample project will be found here with the longer version of the video showing how to build it from scratch below...