The ROVR2 VR treadmill is the "mouse" for VR worlds  

             ROVR2 - stainless steel frame and high sided platform - clever engineering and neuroscience


Our prototype ROVR version 2 has arrived.

We've kept the same core features:

  • Hop on - hop off
  • Collapsible for easy shipping and storage
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy and intuitive to use for people of 7 yrs to 80+ yrs of age

Visually appealing - something fitting for office, boardroom, VR arcade, gym, training area, or the home


Looking to integrate ROVRs into your games go to our Unity3d project, bottom of our downloads page  

If your PC/laptop had no mouse or trackpad? Would you know enough char-keys to move around?

Navigating VR worlds has a similar problem and it hampers story-lines, software tricks break presence – the end result is poor VR with no clamour for sequels.

The ROVR is the “mouse” for VR worlds, solves sim-sickness, removes software constraints on accelerations, proximity and space.

ROVR2 VR treadmill available to order from our website shop at £699, comprising:

ROVR Platform – Stainless steel VR containment frame – ROVR Shoes


  • Healthcare, Exercise, Rehabilitation
  • Orientation training 
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Nuclear Safety Training
  • Gaming for fun, Serious gaming 
  • Architectural Visulisation
  • Education, Open-world exploration 
  • Overcoming phobias, Pain relief 
  • Many more too numerous to mention




  • Solves sim-sickness - no content constraints
  • Saves time in content development
  • Story-lines can be followed with no restrictions
  • Real presence readily achieved
  • Safely navigate VR open worlds
  • 25kg and packs to 1m x 1m x 12cm in <5 mins
  • Hop-on  / hop-off for all ages and abilities
  • ROVR kick-on overshoes available for public and client events
  • No SDK - Unity3d, UE4 and most other engines easily coded