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Arup 3D Visualisation of Garden Bridge for London

How do you experience the future from every angle?

Ideas can feel indefinite, but those involved with or living near a new building, train line or piece of infrastructure need information to make decisions. Showing people a virtual version of their future built environment can foster objectivity and consensus. Using visualisation technologies, we can reduce the risks and uncertainty and secure public buy-in during the planning process.

It's all in the detail

That’s why visualisation is increasingly at the heart of Arup's design process. A building, for instance, can be seen and explored from every perspective, line of sight, down to minute details – where relevant. It can be viewed through seasons and times of day, offering a depth of understanding and therefore certainty. Crucially, this addresses common concerns in an accessible way, such as whether the views of a landmark will be disrupted or how a new project will look at various stages. The visualisations of Olympic Park, for example, are a powerful example of the accuracy of this technology, helping stakeholders and design teams to make decisions throughout planning, design and development phases.

Experiencing Garden Bridge

Arup’s pioneering work on London’s proposed Garden Bridge is also a case in point. They utilised Oculus Rift technology, the Wizdish ROVR locomotion platform, paired with their SoundLab to show residents, Transport for London (TfL), The City of London, the police and other stakeholders, an experience second only to the real thing.

“The interactive presentations provided the public an opportunity to view the Garden Bridge from different viewpoints aiding their understanding of the bridge in its local context.”
Tony Wilson, Transport and Planning Manager, TfL

As part of planning approval, London legislation requires that from key points around the city St Paul’s Cathedral must be in sight. Arup's 3D visualisations gave a realistic representation of how this will be respected. As a result, those contributing to the planning process are better informed and it can support funding for a project, as potential investors can better understand and be inspired by design ideas.

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