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Well-being in a Virtual World

Well-being in a Virtual World are informative pages to read for your and others comfort and safety

ROVR connection to PC

Provides instructions for ROVR connection to a PC and how to adjust Windows microphone inputs

Downloadable ROVR1 Assembly Manual pdf

Components 1.png
Components 2.png
ROVR1 leg assembly.png
ROVRF1 Frame assembly.png
ROVR1 handrail assembly.png
ROVR1 handrail asssembly 2.png
ROVR1 handrail assembly 3.png
ROVR1 leg collar tightening.png
ROVR1 leg collar tightening 2.png
ROVR1 Finished frame.png
ROVR1 test of frame regidity.png
ROVR1 platform attachment.png
ROVR1 platform clips correct and wrong ways.png