The original patented omni-directional treadmill with no moving parts


The WIZDISHTM locomotion platform is the product of many years of research to produce the ultimate navigation for Virtual Reality and Immersive Worlds


Whether you are a researcher or have clients interested in VR solutions this has to be the best designed and most cost effective choice for you.


It's safe, fun, and is incredibly easy to use.

The WizDish is in the Gadget Man TV Show broadcast on Channel 4 September 2
A decade of experimentation and prototyping to find the most fun way to walk in VR
Clinical study found that walking on the WizDish uses less effort than walking on a treadmill. It impressed the consultant physiotherapist because it promotes good posture and balance

A harness or fall arrester provides complete safety without preventing the health benefits that free standing provides

There are many great vision technologies being developed for VR. The Vision Xplorer one-person CAVE will be ideal for professional users when coupled with a WizDish (click on image)


 A recent presentation to the London Unity Users Group

WizDish LUUG presentation
The presentation includes some background information on VR and terminology for you to find out more about this fascinating subject.
WizDish LUUG presentation.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [18.7 MB]



Feedback from people who have tried the previous version

See our New Videos page to see what they thought!



If your browser is unable to display these videos please visit the WIZDISHTM YouTube Channel


Full length version of top video






The locomotion is very close to real walking, with a minor modification.


You feel as though you are actually walking, rather than skating.


See How it works


Oculus Rift

A young guy by the name of Palmer Luckey in Long Beach, CA, who works at the Institute of Creative Technology, USC, is proving how a very well designed pair of video glasses is one of the key components to unleashing the potential of VR.  It's a credit to the games industry that the most talented developers have been so quick to back it.

Video glasses and locomotion platforms complement each other like nuts and bolts, so we are bound to wish him the best.  Even so, his courage and vision in a field that will soon affect many people, deserves recognition.


The Oculus Rift Kickstarter campaign ended on 31 August with 9522 backers pledging $2,437,430 !!  Just brilliant!


Additional demo videos of the previous prototype

Click here for a longer HD version

WIZDISH walk demo in UCL VR Lab.

also with animated virtual environment


A short clip from the top video comparing the WIZDISHTMwalk motion with a traditional treadmill.  At 14lb (6Kg) it's considerably lighter than the treadmill, which had to be carried by 4 men and only works in one direction.


Please note

These initial videos are designed to illustrate what the WIZDISHTM is and how it can be used.  They are not intended to demonstrate performance, which is probably better than shown.


The WIZDISH is protected by US patent no. 7470218



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