The original patented omni-directional treadmill


The WizDish™ locomotion platform is the product of many years of research to produce the ultimate navigation for Virtual Reality and Immersive Worlds


Whether you are a researcher or have clients interested in VR solutions this has to be the best designed and most cost effective choice for you.


It's safe, fun, and easy to use.

«Chase the Thrill», a cutting-edge virtual reality experience from Nissan based on the WizDish on Vimeo.

The WizDish is in the Gadget Man TV Show broadcast on Channel 4 September 2
A decade of experimentation and prototyping to find the most fun way to walk in VR
Clinical study found that walking on the WizDish uses less effort than walking on a treadmill. It impressed the consultant physiotherapist because it promotes good posture and balance


 A presentation in September 2013 to the London Unity Users Group

WizDish LUUG presentation
The presentation includes some background information on VR and terminology for you to find out more about this fascinating subject.
WizDish LUUG presentation.pptx
Microsoft Power Point presentation [18.7 MB]

This started with an idea in 2001.  After many years of reseach and development we uploaded a video to demonstrate this revolutionary idea:




The locomotion is very close to real walking, with a minor modification.


You feel as though you are actually walking, rather than skating.


See How it works

Additional demo videos of the previous prototype

Previous Videos from 2012

WIZDISH walk demo in UCL VR Lab.

A short clip from the top video comparing the WIZDISHTMwalk motion with a traditional treadmill.  At 14lb (6Kg) it's considerably lighter than the treadmill, which had to be carried by 4 men and only works in one direction.


Please note

These videos are designed to illustrate what the WIZDISHTM is and how it can be used - rather like serving suggestions.... Experience has shown the WIZDISHTM

allows users to be individuals who demonstrate their own ways of interacting in VR worlds and enjoy this freedom

The WIZDISH is protected by US patent no. 7470218



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