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Virtual Reality Omnidirectional Locomotion Platform

The WizDish ROVR locomotion platform for profound VR immersion


If you want to explore the VR scene shown in your HMD.....

If you want profound immersion and lasting memories.....

If you want clever, robust locomotion technology.....

The ROVR is the device for you


The WizDish team have developed the ROVR VR locomotion platform, the product of  years of research to produce the ultimate in navigation for Virtual Reality and Immersive Worlds

Whether you are an early home adopter, researcher, indie developer or have clients interested in VR solutions this has to be the best designed, most cost effective and proven technology choice for you.

This product is protected by US Patent 7470218.

WizDish ROVR Products

The ROVR is a Virtual Reality (VR) locomotion platform for professionals, content developers and those looking for profoundly immersive VR experiences in the home.

The ROVR is simple to use, intuitive, light weight (15kg), easy to set up / take down, robust technology, provides gentle low impact exercise and works with any PC / laptop and Head Mounted Display (HMD) that uses software controlled by WASD keys, mouse or joystick inputs. 

ROVR  Locomotion Platform – provides 360 degrees of effortless, unconstrained movement.

We have made walking on the ROVR simple to learn so that within a short while (typically measured in seconds) you will learn the action and no longer think about it. Just as you did not think or generate a memory about walking to wherever you are now reading this text.

ROVR walking is sufficiently similar to real walking that you do not think about this when immersed in a VR experience,  The VR Containment Frame has been removed to improve visibility of leg and feet movement.

ROVR walking is sufficiently similar to real walking that you do not think about this when immersed in a VR experience, 

The VR Containment Frame has been removed to improve visibility of leg and feet movement.

ROVR walking, like real walking, quickly becomes an autonomous action. ROVR walking works so well because you receive the necessary and sufficient sensory feedback (weight bearing, muscle use and leg movement), to satisfy you that the world is behaving correctly.

The ROVR tracks a user’s leg motion using a sound sensor. Shim software (provided) enables this sound signal to control “WASD” keys based PC software providing "W" and left-shift "W" key press commands. Direction is provided by the Head Mounted HMD.

Console and VR 3D developers – please enquire for coding examples / approaches.

The ROVR has been in development since 2008 guided by VR professionals and novice users. The result is a technologically advanced yet elegantly simple locomotion input device which satisfies the visually immersed user they are moving as normal and so supports profound VR immersion.


ROVR Shoes – when combined with a ROVR locomotion platform provide effortless motion enabling prolonged VR immersion without exhaustion.

A good work-out is easily achieved using a ROVR platform, but for many users a stroll around a new virtual building / complex, virtual tourism, experiential marketing, training or medical rehabilitation, or just a great team player game should not necessarily be exhausting.

ROVR Shoes have been specially developed to provide easy movement: walking, running, skiing, skate or snow-boarding.

ROVR Shoes are 12UK (13US, 46.5EU). We have found this size works well for shoe sizes from 4UK to 12UK

Where ROVR Shoes are required for special events customer’s preferred footwear may be modified which has been done for several clients.  Please ask for details.


VR Containment Frame – used in combination with a ROVR platform, a VR Containment Frame is supplied as standard and recommended for the following reasons:

In the real world we find value in having banisters when climbing stairs, or railings when walking along a precipice. So too when profoundly immersed under similar situations in a VR world a VR Containment Frame provides "touch balance" support.

As in the real world if threatened or frightened we react instinctively which may mean a flight or fight response. A VR Containment Frame contains a VR immersed user safely in the real world.

 Please inquire about VR Containment Frames for public events.