CASE STUDY: British Army Officer Recruitment

Over 6 weeks during October and November 2015, the British Army visited a dozen universities putting students through their virtual paces to give them a taste of what a career as an officer involves. The centrepiece of each event was an innovative full-body virtual reality experience that challenged students to run the legendary Sandhurst obstacle course.

Experiential design specialists, Tonic Agency, worked together with WizDish and Visualise, a virtual reality filmmaking company, to re-imagine the 360 VR experience to best fit the locomotion system, including a punishing level of activity that had to be maintained in order to complete the course.

The BBC News story shows how the event at University College London went down well with the students, even if the closing shot of a Samsung Gear VR user wasn't quite so dynamic!

CASE STUDY: Dominator Yachts

At the Düsseldorf Boat Show in January 2015, Dominator Yachts used the Oculus Rift and 2 ROVR platforms with their own customised carbon fibre containment frames to allow visitors to experience their new Ilumen 26M yacht.

The world tour moved on to the Miami and Dubai Boat Shows, and by September was at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Case Study: Unit9 VR for Nissan

At the Paris Motor Show in October 2014, Unit9 VR were the design team behind the launch of the new Nissan Juke.

Over 3 weeks, nearly 6000 visitors enjoyed the 'Chase The Thrill' VR experience on one of 4 customised ROVR platforms using the Oculus Rift.

Check out the reaction of the 70-year old grandmother.  She came back 3 times!

Case Study: Wells Fargo Together Experience

Wells Fargo Bank spent the summer of 2015 travelling across the USA with their Together Experience VR tour.

With the help of psLIVE, and using the Oculus Rift and WizDish ROVR, they created a VR experience that pitted 2 players, Team Red and Team Yellow, against each other to collect as many points as possible in 60 seconds.

The reactions, as you can see, were hugely positive and show what VR experiential marketing can do.

A Bit of History: The Development of the WizDish

Here's Jonny Williams at the BBC Television Centre back in 2006 using the WizDish ROVR in a CAVE (Computer Assisted Virtual Environment).  The environment was back-projected onto 3 walls.  Jonny was such a pro, he didn't need a containment frame.

Then, in the second video, 7 years later (and 2 feet taller) he's showing how you can turn, walk and crouch.  Easy!